Assistant Coach for the Czech Republic Rugby Union Team Joins VSI MSc in Sporting Directorship

Hien Kirk, holding medal and rugby trophy

Assistant Coach for the Czech Republic Rugby Union Team Joins VSI MSc in Sporting Directorship
The opportunity to learn alongside professionals from a variety of sporting backgrounds is just one of the selling points of VSI’s MSc in Sporting Directorship.

South African Hein Kriek will certainly add to that diversity when he starts the course in September as part of the 2018 cohort.

Currently assistant coach with the Czech Republic national rugby union team, Kriek has a wealth of experience coaching at provincial level in his homeland and now at international Tier 3.

However until 2013 he taught full-time, educating students at high school while equipping himself with a number of qualifications accredited by the world governing body for rugby.

“I’m looking forward to the course tremendously”, said the former forward, who enjoyed a successful playing career in South Africa.

“Aside from the fact I’m undoubtedly going to learn new skills, I’m looking forward to mixing with people from other sports. If you position yourself with people from football, netball, whatever the sport may be, cross-pollination will occur and that will be so valuable to me.

“Rugby union is such a specialised niche and young as a professional sport. If you don’t go and look for something new, nobody is going to find you, so I can’t wait to learn how other people see professional sport.”

Kriek helped lead the Czech Republic to third in the 2017/18 Rugby Europe Trophy and is enjoying the challenge of developing the sport in a country with little tradition in the game.

But with his fiercely ambitious nature, he aspires to coach at the highest Tier 1 international level and become a sporting director or director of rugby.

“You get to the stage in your career where you need to keep on learning and evolving as a coach and personally”, said Kriek, who is keen to develop his business acumen, to add to his Bachelor of Science background.

“I was originally looking in the direction of an MBA (Masters of Business Administration), but then I heard about VSI and this fits much better with my ambitions. I see myself coaching for the next 10 years or so, but when my career dies down in that respect, I want to be directing people and giving back what I have absorbed.”

Having worked closely with young men for many years, from both an educational and sporting perspective, Kriek knows the value of dealing with the person behind the athlete. He is looking forward to learning even more in that department.

“The course has a focus on the human aspect of being a sporting director, and that is important to me,” said Kriek, who is based in Prague.

“In professional sport, we tend to lose sight of the human being inside the body. We forget there is a person inside the athlete, with emotions and a family.”

“My main ethos has always been: ‘look after your athletes and they will look after you’. You will both get better outcomes from that.”

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