Mini MBA CEO of a Sports Organisation

Do you aspire to be a CEO of a Sports Organisation?

Mini MBA CEO of a Sports Organisation – Hosted by VSI

The sport business has a number of attributes that make it an interesting and challenging business to manage, including:

  • Sport industry leaders are household names
  • The industry evokes great passion in consumers of the sport product
  • It’s unpredictable – you can never be sure of what you are going to get
  • Sport is used by other industries as a vehicle to promote their own product
  • Sport is consumed by people from a very young age
  • The business is highly valued by television and other media organisations who pay very large sums of money to televise some sports
  • The sport industry causes major events to occur where many thousands of people gather from all over the world
  • Sport industry leaders are given high status in society, honoured, and often treated as role models

Do you have what it takes to be a CEO of a Sports Organisation?

These extraordinary attributes make the Sport Business an exciting business to lead and manage. The best outcome is often achieved when people receive training that is specific to the sport industry.

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Read what VSI MBA delegate Maggie Alphonsi has to say about her journey to become a leader in sport:



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