Professionals have coaches amateurs don’t

Richard SImpson
As VSI move towards delivering their fifth cohort on the Sporting Directors programme they have consulted with delegates from their previous courses to learn how the delegates journey can be bespoke to enhance their experience and learning outcomes. With this in mind VSI are providing performance coaches to work with delegates prior to joining the course so as best to prepare them for the next stage in their career.

Meet Richard Simpson

Richard is a qualified performance coach and spends his time managing employees with transitions through different levels of their careers. This has included large scale changes from sport into the commercial sector, as well as helping individuals to reach board level within their companies at a very early age

He has a wide range of experience, which spans from being part of large, global organisations, to expressing his entrepreneurial side and forming two businesses in the last three years

Richard’s main passion is helping people to Find Their Why, to create their own personal brand and become more passionate about what they do. Helping them to create a real sense of ownership and purpose behind their role. He helps individuals learn how to take calculated risks to benefit their careers and push them to the next level.

For more information on the VSI MSc in Sporting Directorship & Performance Coaching services, contact:
Tel: 0345 459 9765
Twitter: @MasterSportDir