Admission Requirements

Below you will find the criteria required to be admitted to the Postgraduate in Football Business Management.

– Bachelor’s degree, diploma or equivalent

– CV/Resume and cover letter

– Advanced level of English

*Exceptions can be made in extraordinary circumstances for current and former professional athletes

Admission Procedure

1. Fill out online registration form

2. Upload your CV and cover letter (in English)

3. Complete payment online of application fee of 750 Euros

4. Personal Virtual Interview with Program Director(s)

A member of our academic team will contact you in writing within 48 hours to inform you if you have been accepted to the program.

5. Enrollment Process (if accepted in program after personal interview)

6. Payment of outstanding course fee: 6,750 Euros

*Application fee is non-refundable, unless a candidate is not accepted to the program.

Total Program Fee: 7,500 Euros