Elite sports people spend 95% of their time training and only 5% of their time actually playing and competing. But what happens in the business world?


We spend 99% working and barely 1% training.  Make the value of that training time truly performance-enhancing for employees and your company using our training approach and ethos.

Combining mould-breaking training, management and business techniques with the latest in neuroscience applications, we’re uniquely placed to provide competency and leadership skills if you want to excel in sporting, business & social arenas.

Our three core programs are The Executive Athlete for your senior executives; The Sporting Brain for your middle management team leaders;  Train the Trainer for your in-house training trainers. A program that allows you to bring it all in house. Alternatively if you are a consulting trainer this would be the course for you.

Executive Athlete

Engage your employees with brain based training

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Sporting Brain

Applied neuroscience for Sport Coaches

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Train the Trainer

Learn to train neuroscience and EA programme

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