Drives Human Performance for Business Success

Understanding the brain helps Athletes and Executives train to perform

Never before has the understanding for human performance been made so readily available. Sport performance training embraces this. Now business training can too with The Executive Athlete programme.    See what a substantial role understanding of the brain can play in how your employees work with people and how more than any other time in the history of business, knowing how to apply a knowledge of the brain in the business environment is an important and fundamental part of creating the context for success.

Human Performance = Profit

Executive education drives business performance

Profit stems from the way human behaviour – especially energy is directed towards the strategic and operational goals of an organisation. Therefore improving our understanding of how that works has huge implications for organisational sustainability

The UK has an employee engagement deficit and to achieve a ROI you must have ENGAGED EMPLOYEES

Survey after survey indicates that only around one third of UK workers say they are engaged – a figure which leaves the UK ranked ninth for engagement levels amongst the world’s twelve largest economies as ranked by GDP (Kenexa 2009).

The UK also has a productivity deficit. The most recent ONS survey found that output per hour in the UK was 15 percentage points below the average for the rest of the G7 industrialised nations in 2011; on an output per worker basis, UK productivity was 20 percentage points lower than the rest of the G7 in 2011. This represents the widest productivity gap since 1995.

The Macleod report evidences research carried out in over 1,900 companies looking at what drives productivity.


Employee engagement is shown to improve:

  • Innovation
  • Absence and well being
  • Retention
  • Health and safety
  • Income and productivity growth

Human performance drives profit.  recent advances in our understanding of brain science are dramatically improving the way leaders work with colleagues  to drive business performance. As the brain is now increasingly examined in the context of personal and organizational development, remarkable insights are being uncovered: insights that are leading to powerful new strategies for improving business execution and ultimately improving productivity

While the executive is often unable to control the external environment they absolutely can train to control their internal state.

Becoming aware of your “Optimal Performance State” enables the executive athlete to train their full range of capacities and to thrive in the most difficult and pressurised circumstances to emerge stronger, healthier and ready for the next challenge

The Executive Athlete is a 3-6 month bespoke training programme structured to suit your business & employee needs & built around our core framework

  1. Equip the team with the tools and knowledge to assess and manage their performance state.
  2. To understand and plan ahead recognising points of stress, high workload and potential team flash points.
  3. To identify, through thorough understanding of the need to exercise and rest the brain appropriately, the coping mechanisms required to minimise the ‘threat response’ of the brain.
  4. To recognise in them and others the need to make contingencies, discuss, plan and promote the correct level of stress to drive performance and manage conflict.
  5. Understand and practice the techniques of exercising the mind just like a highly tuned athlete to enhance performance taking a holistic approach to mental, physical and emotional management.
  6. To embed the techniques and framework in everyday practice by understanding how to harness pressure, manage your physical, emotional and mental state and function across these three spheres of spaced learning.
  7. To demonstrate progression in mental toughness, Emotional Control and Growth Mindset