Applied Neuroscience for Sport Coaches

Brain science is the next area of performance development. Business practices are witnessing enhanced performance through the knowledge and applied approaches of understanding how you coach the brain.

Coaches & Support Staff – Academy to Senior Team

Sport compared to other performance industries traditionally embraces innovation late in its cycle. The Sporting Brain Programme inspires to pioneer through thought leadership and position the industry as well as those working in sport with cutting edge knowledge providing the competitive advantage. We aspire to develop people by opening minds and providing a community that thrives to understand, develop and pioneer

The purpose of this introductory 2 day workshop is to empower learners with an understanding of how the brain is central to playing & performing in sport to include: How the brain gets in the way of performance. If you understand the brains of the people you manage/coach you are better placed to manage their actions and behaviours. In many situations, managing behaviours without managing the brain forces the brain to rebel. Hence understanding how the brain works will help you think of novel interventions

Learning Outcomes

This workshop will transform your understanding of human performance by letting you in on important discoveries about the human brain. By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand how the brain functions within a performance environment
  • Be aware of the impact and effectiveness of your coaching
  • Challenge and evaluate the current approaches with regards both your own and others coaching practises.
  • Develop an appropriate foundation of knowledge with regards to the sporting Brain Programme


Programme Content

Session 1 – Society & Neuroscience

Historical overview of athlete development in relation to the 4 corners model. Society & Neuroscience – its role in how we coach, promote learning in others and structure environments for performance.

Session 2:    The Brain & Neuroscience

  • What is it?
  • What does it do? The brains primary role.
  • Neuroplasticity – The brains ability to change structure & function
  • Why is it now important in performance?
  • What do we know about the brain relative to playing sport?

Session 3 – Management & Leadership

Do our coaching management and leadership practices engage the brain aligned to short-term performance and long-term development?

Session 4 – Next steps

The Sporting Brain Programme levels 1-3. A walk through level’s 1-3 of the sporting programme explaining the purpose of each level providing evidence for the underlying content and how this will enhance/facilitate the leaners career development and professional expertise.